Its all about my BF ~

hai people. hari ini saya off day. lega rasanya :)
mana ada kerja yang tak penat kan. jadual minggu ni agak mencabar. sehari je syif siang tapi tu pun pagi sampai petang. hari lain lebih mencabar, petang sampai tengah malam. actually, ni yang paling aku tunggu kot kerja malam . ehehe. aku mmg suka malam. sebab ape? itu yang aku memang tak tahu.

well, I don't know what to post. it just, I am missing my GF, the KA. PLKN had took her away from me. and i always unlucky. I can't visit her. cuti takde. perghh polak.

she looks taller in the uniform 
*hey i know i'm shorter !

ouh then I realize, her shoes ! 
*no wonder aunty keep telling if I wear the shoes I'm taller *reslam*

with her only Fatin 
*i've met this little girl at KFC last two days, damnn cute with her tiara!

suppose to have a picture with her on the day
*driving class really pissed me off ! grrr

so its all about my GF. hari tu kan tk dapat tengok so I kirim a dozen of .. eh ten je kot of lollipop. last saturday, she text me. duhh ! why aaa mesti ada obstacles. masa tu tengah rushing pergi kerja -.- so I told her to take care of herself and habiskan lolipop. dia kata tak habis lagi as she had cough and flu. dia kata dia dah gemuk, memang babailah resolution tu kan Khai? HAHA takpe baru bape minggu, let see in a month pulak.

duhh. missing her a lot. since she went there, aunty always texting and chatting with me. we talk about everything. cars. work. hmm poor aunty, missing her only baby. Khai, aku jadi baby mama kejap eh HAHA.

actually hari tu, they came to KFC. Aunty, Pokcik, Pokcik's elder brother and his wife, and the Fatin. first time I saw her. damn! she's so cute doh. no wonder la Kero always talk about her. sedih kot tgk dorang. teringat Kero. dahlah dia baru text pagi tu before pergi kerja -.-

emm so today, I have no idea what to do unless watching the cartoons. bosan kot. okey. thats all for today. thnks for reading those silly story. HAHA

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