1. First and foremost, my name is Siti Nur Naquiah. Pronounce it as Naquy-yah. No Naqibah or Naqoyak or Naquih or any other awkward sound of my name.
  2. People called me with a lot of name. Normally, Quya. and other c*upid name is Gangster.lol.but I think I like to hear people call me NAQUIAH. it sound polite and girly HAHA
  3. A tv-drama had inspired Abah and mak to gave me the unique name. The story is about a woman, mualaf also a lawyer who has abandoned by his husband after they get married. okey enough.
  4. I was born as the second child/eldest daughter/older sister. And I am the most trouble-maker. believe in me. hehe -.-"
  5. My mother is a teacher and my father is Hostel Supervisor. Nahh, not so cool in English. In order word he is a WARDEN. 
  6. My brother is studying at UIA/dentistry ; my younger brother is Form 3/AJSS ; my sisters both of them in a same school, standard 4 and 6. we're not so close. but I was about to make a change.
  7. It has been almost 4 months I didn't reload my number. Eheemm, I got 3 numbers, 3 handphone, and you know. DigiCampus really save my money. I can message with free. (err that is why I seldom reply message teheee.) so CALL ME ! ehehe
  8. I got a scooter on 22nd of February 2010 and the last time I washed my Ego was on a day before Hari Raya Puasa. So, can you imagine how it looks like? lol. I never wash it on my own.
  9. I had my first accident on the first day I got my motor. I ride it to Bangi with no license and got slipped in front of KPJ Kajang. and my side mirror is gone. lol. but I am okay.
  10. I ever broke my leg. No, I mean. my bone on my knee called patella emm. go out from it socket. and it is 'tersembul keluar' till now. I t just happened on mid-term holiday last year. 
  11. I am a girl but bit boyish. No, A LOT I mean. em I was about to make a change. but I still didn't got the power to wear the girl/woman thingy. fyi, I ALREADY HAVE IT. okey just let the time do its work. hehe
  12. Tomorrow I have JPJ test. that is why I write like this because the butterfly already in my stomach and fly freely. pray me.

and this is what I call as HAKIKI. I am me ! let it be it !

Ehemm ; Uhibbuka habibi :)