Hari Merah Jambu kot~

as on 2nd and 2rd March there's a IPTA's and IPTS's Carnival at The Mines, I'd took a leave to spend most of my time there. But, since there's been a 'bunch' of obstacles, I just went to UIA booth, have a talk there about the law thingy, have a walk for just a 15 minutes I guess, meeting friends from many school like Jalan Tiga, Jalil for sure and Scout team. My pink guy seem uncomfortable of being there for a long time. So I decide to go out from there and calming himself. *Ouchhh, he seem so exhausted and depressed. thought what, but then I know there's something swallowing in his eyes LOL

Bit blur when we're out from The Mines coz there's a lot of school bus plus the IPT's bus. I keep grumbling on why there's a lot of school people, wearing the uniform from many school. Paling jauh, SEGAMAT. Oh my. What did they do? What did they want? They still in school. Okey Form 5 is forgiven. But, Form 2? Unit Bimbingan Kaunseling? err for what? sorry for saying. but I really didn't agree with this. I think they came here just for having the goodie bag with lots of pemphlates or pen or note book or just for fun to crowd the place. lol lol lol 

boleh gelak sekarang *pink kot 0,0*
We need to take a nap for a while as the pink guy look seriously teruk. Isi minyak, went to toilet. then everything okay. KOT. Mula - mula senyap, pastu amik kau gelakkan diri masing-masing sambil memuji jugak as we're wearing pink attire. Bhahaha. Okaylah, Kau handsome kot, tak macam aku macam pregnant woman in that blouse. But I know I'm cute Hahaha sangat hodoh lagi bodoh statement itu :P

With the help of GPS guy, we made to arrived at The Curve Damansara. Idk why we're there. Oh for the lunch of course. Anymore? Absolutely NO ! By the way, I love being there. Em, maybe never being there aite. Ingatkan nak pergi Ice-skate or what tapi. Tu lah dah ckp, Idk why where we're there. Tapi tak jauh manalah. Parking je susah naa. Pastu dah jumpa, kena amik gambar pulak sebab takut lupa parking. haha 
memang terpaling besar

dahtu rasa macam tak cukup lagi. sebelum masuk entrance, pusing belakang, tekan punat kamera, ambil lagi satu gambar untuk puaskan hati padahal takut tak ingat parking lagi haha

nampak tak sangat rushing ambik gambar sebab tak nak ada orang perasan kita ni teeeet :P

We decided to have our lunch at Secret Recipe as I'd promise to treat him with my first salary and as he is so 'mengidam' badly lazatnya aka lasagna, so we go up and down to find out the place. after more than 15 minutes searching, I got my 'dush' headache. sangat terawang-awang sambil melentok liuk ke kiri dan ke kanan. so that pink guy go and ask for direction at the Pak Guard. unfortunately, he is not malay guy or malay citizens. myanmar ke vietnam tah. direction tak clear. finally, we end up our lunch hunt at Kenny Rogers. Perut aku menang lagi haha. But I still wanna go there and find out where is the Secret Recipe. and yet, I still owe him a Lazatnya -.-

Then we when to Harvey Norman, Ikea, and Daiso as I wanted to buy something for my room. Baru pindah kan. Hoho everything is zero, boring. But I just made to buy a 'penyangkut baju' which need tu taped on the door. I've put it. My intention is to make my life easier which no need to find the hanger. but I think this is more bit harder as the door is to high for me. I need to 'jengket' when I wanna put my KFC clothe on it. demz -________-

After Asar, we went to Jusco One Utama. Spend valueable time there. Hik3. Looking for the things for Aussie (Amin, Amin :) and err books. yea books. 

I end up the day at 10 as I've got a call from manager. I need to punch earlier than my schedule tomorrow. So I need enough rest to face customer on Sunday. Busy as bee.

Btw, thanks Razi. for the long day. Bapok best weyy !  *___=

end of the day,mata langsung tak boleh bukak bulat dah.takziah 

Ehemm ; Terima kasih kepada awok; perempuan yang menghebahkan pasal saya. eh kami. terima kasih sebab dah canang satu sekolah awok. terima kasih cakap dia awok punya lepas tu saya amik. eh tak, rampas. doakan kebahagiaan kami khrkhrkhrkhr

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