G, this is for you.

All I wanna say is,

thanks for being here,

every second without fail,

thanks for giving me chance to lead my life,

just like the way am use to be,

I know,

I've hurt you a lot,


you said its all your fault.

deep in my heart,

hoping there's a bright future for us,

I can't expect much,

as my position as the spoiler,


I hope this time,

no more failure,

no more pain,

for me,

for you,

for us.

am trying my best,

being the tough Naquiah,

being the new Naquiah,

for everyone,

for you.

I promise.

aaa tengok dah keluar lagi satu post jiwang haha. G, terima kasih ! terima kasih untuk hari ni ! terima kasih banyak ! nak cakap manyak - manyak tapi kalau cakap keluar hujan .\-.-/

macam kau cakap, kena cuba. aku cuba, aku cuba sekuat yang mungkin, semaksima yang termampu. tapi ...

malam ni aku swing lagi kot ;') 

Ehemm ; ada masa nanti orang akan tahu jugak , kita kena sabar sebab orang sabar tak rugi .biar masa yang menentukan.

                                                                                                           ilebiusuperhero <3

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